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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Some "craft porn"for Jay

Our dear Aussie friend, Jay has spoken of his love of Craft Porn. He wants to show the process, to see the process, peep into the making of craft. so these photos are for him, and anyone else who wishes to take a peek.

this is a photo looking in to the front door of my friend Darren's wood fired kiln. darren has been experimaenting with local clays and has built this kiln at his studio at Browns Flats NB. He is coming up with some really amazing stuff.Check out his site

The crazy fires we build in the backwoods of NB eh?

Now I would like to travel back a few years to when I was playing with fire on a more regular basis. the following few pots are ones that I made while pregnant for my oldest, he is 12 now.

Well that is all for now, I am sure that I will scrounge up some more "Dirty" pictures for Jay later. ta for now, thanks for reading


Diana said...

What the hell is the first picture? What are you burning to the ground?

Liz said...

the first picture is of lee Horus Clark's kiln. lee is the maker of the pot so huge my kids could live in it. this kiln is at Hartland NB and is a japanese style anagama kiln. The pot from my previous post is actually in the kiln during the photo.I did not actually get to se the finished product.
pretty cool though. am looking forward to the next firing, I have been secretly making pots for it.

Diana said...

That looks like one big mutha of a kiln!