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Saturday, January 28, 2006

All Hail the weekend.

This has been one long and crazy week. I am soooo glad it is over and the weekend is here. It may sound crazy girls, but I have the urge to scrub, haul and generally turf the shite from at least the ground floor of my house. I actually want to clean. Not just wish for faeries to come along.
Well sure, I wouldn't turn them away if they showed up, there is a lot to do afterall.
I must say, I am a little concerned about this change in temperament. I normally avoid housework like the plague. There must be mischief afoot. But seriously, I am making room for a new loom, arriving sometime vaguely in the near future, to grace my living space. I am not entirely sure when I will find time to weave, but with one neice getting married, and one friend with a baby on the way, me thinks that there needs to be some serious loom action between now and august. I'm a gonna put the great effort out to do some overshot name drafting. Jackie says it isn't too difficult...
Well folks, I am off to do my cleansweep, and then some homework, cheers, and happy knitting.
I also have to

Saturday, January 21, 2006

helooooo out there!!!!!

Yes folks I am still alive. Lots has happened chez lizzie. so now for the update.... and then the political rant. Read what you will, then ignore the rest.
Hmmmm... where to start?
Ahh yes, Christmas.
Chapter one: a christmas story

well, Me -yes me, who never gets more than a head cold, (like that'll stop me)
got knocked sideway by the flu. I was well onto flat on my ass, when joe poet said (and I quote)
"call the doctor"
I looked at him like he had sprouted several heads.
"you are really sick" he says.
no shit.
Why do I need a doctor I think. Men. wimps all of em.
so Later that day, my instant message thingy says "did you get a hold of the doctor?"
damned joe.
but I did feel pretty shitty, and he was really worried, so for his sake I call the doctor.
I never call the doctor. I don't get sick. I do the once a year, girl go to the doctor thing, but I do NOT ever have reason beyond that to go to a doctor.
The receptionist says , OH my god, can ya be here tomorrow at 4.
sure. that was quick. Joe will be happy, he can goto NS knowing I am not avoiding medical attention.
or dead on the couch.
I was pretty sure the doctor would say its a cold, sleep, eat , yada yada. But noooo. She says very slowly and clearly, looking me straight in the eye "You my dear, are officially SICK. You need someone to take care of you, and someone to take the kids. True influenza. The big one. The one that kills people flu.
I was stunned. Never have I been to ill to take care of my kids. Even when I had pneumonia, and was inches from the hospital door, I could cook a meal, and wipe snotty noses. wasn't supposed to, but I did.
there must be a mistake. I can do this.
Apparently not.
Thus enters my favourite sport:
It is called "hunt down the deadbeat sperm donor, and see if he can do his duty and care for his offspring" I have purposefully contracted a terrible illness in an attempt to foil his plans for holiday revelry, and gaming.
Cause I am just like that, really.
Wow! I am sure ranting, it is not likely to end soon, so sorry.
SOOOOO, there I am , sitting in a borrowed car in the medical centre parking lot; dialling his number, bawling like a baby, on an ex husband hunt.
Work phone says try cell, cell says he is unavailable. i leave a message, take a deep breath, wish for the stars to align themselves just so, and call his MOTHER. ( I had to be REALLY sick to do that, eh Kate?)I really thought I had no choice. I left a message. She called me back, said she would hunt him down, and if not would come up from her place to get the kids. That means a major commute, 2 hours ish, and HE has her car.
Eventually the genius called me. He says, it is inconvenient, could I try harder to find someone else to care for the kids. He has plans for a party he would rather not cancel.
I want to cancel my influenza --- BUT I CAN"T!!!!!!!
deep breath, caughing fit, followed by near spontaneous combustion. gritted teeth. calm voice. "Your mother would like to speak with you"
he hung up on me.
Five, maybe ten minutes later he calls back. Mommy has spoken, he will take the kids.
this was my start to the Christmas holidays.
My friend Amy came and took me to her house to get better.
I got better, had ok Christmas, and spent some family time with my sister , brothr in law and neices, happy things occurred, a niece got engaged. Nice hand made, custom designed princess cut diamond solitaire with a wide gold band. He must have mortgaged a kidney to pay for it. Nice boy, we should clone him. I'll take one, about 15 years older.
Oh my god Kate wasn't it only last week we made the crinoline from hell to fit under the promdress???? it was yesterday, and it is the same boy, again with the cloning.
She was gorgeous wasn't she.
Fuck I am dripping tears on the keyboard.
October 20th i will be a mess
But I digress
The resident genius, in shear and utter, orneriness decided not to give kids back. NICE.
Looks good in the courts.
He wonders why I have sole custody. (By the way that RARELY happens in NB.)
You have to really suck to not get joint custody in this province.
Not only did he neglect to return my kids, he bought India a puppy.
Don't get me wrong. I like puppies, and dogs. But I had had the grownup discussion about veterinary care, feeding etc. YADA YADA with the kid and we were working on a two- three year plan.
My darling beloved deadbeat spermdoner bought her a miniature chihuahua. nice. should get along great with the rotweilers and labradors in the family.
Miximus comes home next week. Maximus Killer Haines. now daddy wants to keep the dog at his house. who's dog is it? She sees it once every two weeks, not her dog.
I was not impressed about the dog at first, but the Idea is growing on me. She is so excited about him. I am ok with having him here, if it can be arranged.
will post pictures when available.
She has been knitting up a storm. He will be the bast dressed dog in freddy for sure.
That was Christmas in a nutshell. New Years Eve was a nice quiet evening with friends, playing board games. eating fantastic Lasagna from Darlene, and PIzza made by Mason. oh yeah, and booze, booze was here. But I only drank a little, cause I was still sickish.
Later in the holiday sperm doner boy called and wanted a vist with the kids. I said sure, a few hours. On the way home from the restaurant, attempting to be there on time to meet the kids, I fell and cracked some ribs.
nice goin healthy girl.
Missed idiot boys dropoff, had to invovle the oddball it departmet to retrieve my offspring from the hostile territory. boy did I need a drink that day.
Ribs didn't hurt til 4 am whenn I was sure I was dying of a haert attack.
Question all you nursy types out there- why if I fall on my hip and shoulder do my ribs crack in the left off center of my chest directly under my underwire??????

Since Christmas

Well folks not sure how it came about, but I am back in school. I decided to finish my degree. I am not entirely positive that I was sober at the time, but here I am. I am reading thucydides, memorizing maps and wars and a whole lot of greek shite.
I am studying the romans---WAY COOL. and European history. But surprise, surprise my favourite course so far is American History, Civil War to Present. OH and North American Politics. more on that in my political rant.
Yeah so I am the old chick in alll of my classes. I turned 36 on the 14th of January and I am sure that I am as old as two of my profs. wierd.
but who knows how long I will be ther. I have beenm fighting funding with my EI/training and employment guy. He is a really nice fellow, I am just not sure he gets it.
IN NB if you qualify for ei or have done in the last whatever months/years, you are eligable for training allowence from the gov. Help with tuition books daycare etc.
BUT, most people seeking this service want to study a trade. easy peasy. done take the money and run.
Most do not go to University.
I cannot be a tradesmen. I have a little problem with a hand and some permanetn nerve damage in the opposite side that is caused by overuse. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
I want university so I can teach. not rocket science.
Have all my teachables for art, now nead a core subject. History,easy peasy. Every one needs history. getting it all, europe, rome.greece America.
I now know what drives men/women to grab an ouzi and hit the post office/bank/local gov office.
I don't fit the mold
I could make em a new one, but hey.
so that is school. except I have embarked on a cours in personal imagery, in the education department. I am making a way cool project, joe will take a photo and we shall post it when it is done. It ain't exactly knittin, but it is textile-ish.
so now for the political rant.

We in Canada are having a Federal election.
For those of you who follow Jackie's blog one thread two thread, you will have her take on the current situation.
I will state my fears.
I fear a Prime Minister who believes he has the right to condemn the populace based on thier sexual orientation, thier economic status, and thier geographical location.
I fear a Prime minister who will sell us to the George w
I fear a Prime Minister who will assume the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body.
I fear the privitzation of healthcare, for my children would surely suffer.
I fear a man who would cut taxes to big business, and cut social programs to pay for it.
I fear a man who would go to war cause theguy next door did, so why shouldn't we?
The reality is, that we have a balnced budget, we are ready to go. Liberal, NDP even Bloc, aside from the separatist issue, are all better bets than Harper's conservatives. Racism, sexism, and socio economic bigotry have no place on parliament hill.
CFheers, my next post will at least have yarn in it