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Saturday, January 28, 2006

All Hail the weekend.

This has been one long and crazy week. I am soooo glad it is over and the weekend is here. It may sound crazy girls, but I have the urge to scrub, haul and generally turf the shite from at least the ground floor of my house. I actually want to clean. Not just wish for faeries to come along.
Well sure, I wouldn't turn them away if they showed up, there is a lot to do afterall.
I must say, I am a little concerned about this change in temperament. I normally avoid housework like the plague. There must be mischief afoot. But seriously, I am making room for a new loom, arriving sometime vaguely in the near future, to grace my living space. I am not entirely sure when I will find time to weave, but with one neice getting married, and one friend with a baby on the way, me thinks that there needs to be some serious loom action between now and august. I'm a gonna put the great effort out to do some overshot name drafting. Jackie says it isn't too difficult...
Well folks, I am off to do my cleansweep, and then some homework, cheers, and happy knitting.
I also have to


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

I also have to...I also have to...you know better than leaving that dangling sentence there for me to fill in.

I also have to ....hmmmmmmmm, I think we can start a new blog contest..come finish Lizzie's sentence. Extra points given if you can't read it in mixed company.

No, second thought, that just makes is a sure thing for Diana.

jackie said...

I also have to.... Finish my blog! The next question is what happened to make Lizzie stop writing? Bulging bicepted delivery boy "deliver" something "interesting"? Child blood/screaming/dismemberment/projectile vomit?

As for name drafting, it all becomes easy with the computer weaving program. My program is your program. It is pretty simple to use. Much easier than spelling correctly I say.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... do finish that dangling sentence! Do you need to get new batteries?

Anonymous said...

What happened that the spirit moved you to clean the house? Don't spread it over here. I'm fine knitting and spinning on my fat ass!

Liz said...

oh. ummm the sentence cannot be finished, the computer spewed blue smoke and some fire like sparks. Amy unplugged it. that's where she be. dead. with all of my homework locked inside. I pray for a miracle,but she ain't happenin. Sigh. Need a sugar daddy.
thank god for jackie at one thread two thread for the mac time I am currently enjoying.