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I am a professional crafts person, working in clay and fibre, not necessarily at the same time. I am a juried member of the New Brunswick Crafts Council, The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

packing over Cristmas is hell

how the BLEEP did I accumulate all of this crap. I have a closing Date of January the 8th. And eleven years of crap to move before then. Oh and a place to move into. One that won't Break the bank, and I won't hate within six months. I never want to move again.
I have been packing it all on my own. With the exception of Joe taking apart all the beds and hauling them down to a reasonably accessible space, I have been sorting and heaving on my own. It is very cathartic. And an incredibly huge job. Nasty even.
I am going to be so glad when it is over. My house is a sea of laundry, and boxes. oh, and PILES OF USELESS CRAP!!!!!!
The kids left about half an hour ago to hang out with thier dad, I am spending the evening at a friends place doing laundry and toasting the tree. Tomorrow is the marathon packing and chucking session. Just me and a 100 pack of garbage bags, no kids to plead with me, no guilt over silly sentiment just HEAVE HO.
I had a little meltdown today over the change in the closing date, the incredible lack of money in my life and the stress of the first offer being so sketchy. The new offer is better, but I am just sick that there might be something that will cause a snag. I think this is the most stressfull thing I have ever done. But I guess it will all be over soon. January 8 is the day I am going to relax and take a deep breath, then start my christmas shopping. Boy oh boy are we ever in for a nice Christmas in January.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

the waiting game

I got an offer on my house. It certainly was quick, and quite shocking. It did not even have a sign up, and hadn't yet hit the MLS lists. Damn my realtor had not even stepped into the place to do the write up. The offer was really close to what I was asking, so I guess I can't complain. So now we go the rounds of inspectors and finance etc. And then the fun of house hunting, and cleaning out eleven years of accumulated CRAP.
I am an artist. We artists tend to collect stuff. A lot of stuff. Way more stuff than we will ever use. oh. and I was married to an artist who also collected stuff. and left it behind. My sister suggested a dumpster. She may not be far off the mark.
Now I need to gather forth my minions to sort and chuck and otherwise purge my life of the unneccesary bits and pieces. I am not strong enough to pull it off alone.
I am hoping all goes well with the sale, the buyer wants to close on the 28th, and I want to be in a place with my kids by Christmas. What are the chances???
pray it all goes well will ya? I certainly could use a good luck break.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

socks on the wall

Well these are my latest creations folks. I have been sewing socks like nobody's business. India drew a lovely elf sock one day and I just new they had to be made in cloth. Well lime and hot pink faux suede to be exact. OOOH the remnants I get at work are lovely.
I was finishing up some loose ends while having a post sale drink with joepoet on sunday when we realized the wall of Isaacs way was the best possible place to hang them. We left one for the staff but the rest are home with me now.
I also made some very elegant silk ones in taupe with brocade trim. yummy. Posted by Picasa

A small slice of my life

Last night I listed my house for sale.

Today I stumbled onto the blog of our minister of energy, this is an exerpt from his announcement regarding the banning of power disconnection in the province.

"If a single mother with 2 kids has to decide whether to pay the power bill or feed her kids this Liberal government wants her to feed her kids every time! NB Power and Family and Community Services will help her work out a schedule whereby she can pay the bill over an extended period of time. Let's not make any assumptions, everyone must pay their power bill. There was never any intent to give ratepayers a free ride in the winter time. If you have the financial means to pay but just decide not to and cannot prove financial hardship , you must pay. This is good news for folks in financial hardship and are worried about picking heat over eating....this government will pick feeding your children every time."

this is all very interesting, especially since the power company won't negotiate a payment plan with me. I was told they only negotiate with welfare recipients. Too bad my protestant work ethic kicked in,
It has been such a hard year, the family court, the losing school funding, the unemployment have taken thier toll.
I have no power and water hooked up, am crashing at a friend's and trying desperately to pay of the debts that accumulated over the past year. My children's father refuses to help, financially or by taking them for extra time so I can work.
Not that the job is making much of a difference at this point. Bare minimum, and transport is killing me.
Family and community services refuse to help me negotiate a payment plan, apparently thier rules are that I have to be on welfare, and mentally incapable of paying bills.
NB Power says they only negotiate with family and community services.
SO long story short, I work, so that I can live without utilities and be forced from my home
All I want for Christmas is a decent job. And my home back. Even an apartment would do.