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Saturday, December 09, 2006

the waiting game

I got an offer on my house. It certainly was quick, and quite shocking. It did not even have a sign up, and hadn't yet hit the MLS lists. Damn my realtor had not even stepped into the place to do the write up. The offer was really close to what I was asking, so I guess I can't complain. So now we go the rounds of inspectors and finance etc. And then the fun of house hunting, and cleaning out eleven years of accumulated CRAP.
I am an artist. We artists tend to collect stuff. A lot of stuff. Way more stuff than we will ever use. oh. and I was married to an artist who also collected stuff. and left it behind. My sister suggested a dumpster. She may not be far off the mark.
Now I need to gather forth my minions to sort and chuck and otherwise purge my life of the unneccesary bits and pieces. I am not strong enough to pull it off alone.
I am hoping all goes well with the sale, the buyer wants to close on the 28th, and I want to be in a place with my kids by Christmas. What are the chances???
pray it all goes well will ya? I certainly could use a good luck break.


Anonymous said...

this is gooood for you, hadn't read here for awhile, things are picking up, it'll be good for you to purge and move, start afresh..just don't let asshole near your digs, he'll spoil the karma...have a very merry christmas with your fam...

Liz said...

thanks. It feels pretty good, but really scary too. It'll be a fresh start for the kids and I and we are hoping to make a rael go of it. but first a place to live...the hunt is on.

Terrasola said...

I really hope this is marks what will be a great 2007 for you. The old farmers and the Wiccans (now there's a group for you) will tell you that the new moon (Dec 20th) is a great time to start something new and the Solstice (Dec 21) marks the beginning of the increasing half of the year where daylight increases, as do some things in our lives - perhaps such as good fortune in yours. Yup, being an old farmer brings wisdom, that it does.

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

You deserve all the best. I hope that the sun comes out tomorrow for you.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best now and in 2007.