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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A small slice of my life

Last night I listed my house for sale.

Today I stumbled onto the blog of our minister of energy, this is an exerpt from his announcement regarding the banning of power disconnection in the province.

"If a single mother with 2 kids has to decide whether to pay the power bill or feed her kids this Liberal government wants her to feed her kids every time! NB Power and Family and Community Services will help her work out a schedule whereby she can pay the bill over an extended period of time. Let's not make any assumptions, everyone must pay their power bill. There was never any intent to give ratepayers a free ride in the winter time. If you have the financial means to pay but just decide not to and cannot prove financial hardship , you must pay. This is good news for folks in financial hardship and are worried about picking heat over eating....this government will pick feeding your children every time."

this is all very interesting, especially since the power company won't negotiate a payment plan with me. I was told they only negotiate with welfare recipients. Too bad my protestant work ethic kicked in,
It has been such a hard year, the family court, the losing school funding, the unemployment have taken thier toll.
I have no power and water hooked up, am crashing at a friend's and trying desperately to pay of the debts that accumulated over the past year. My children's father refuses to help, financially or by taking them for extra time so I can work.
Not that the job is making much of a difference at this point. Bare minimum, and transport is killing me.
Family and community services refuse to help me negotiate a payment plan, apparently thier rules are that I have to be on welfare, and mentally incapable of paying bills.
NB Power says they only negotiate with family and community services.
SO long story short, I work, so that I can live without utilities and be forced from my home
All I want for Christmas is a decent job. And my home back. Even an apartment would do.


Terrasola said...

Call your MLA's office, quote that announcement and ask why the department's rules preclude them from working out a payment plan with anyone but a welfare recipient. Get the name of the person you speak to. If you voted for that MLA be sure to mention that. Next, call your MP's office for good measure, especially if the MLA and MP belong to the same political party. If you are dealing with any municipal utility companies also call your city counsellor. Call every 3 days (i.e. twice a week). After 2 weeks, mention how much you regret that you will have to bring this to the attention of the media. Be sure to mention a particular newspaper and particular reporter. You don't actually have to do this, only say that it is your intent. If you happen to mention your ex in the many conversations, then so much the better. It's your choice on that one.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is sad, but true. I am a Public Servant and have seen this work countless times.

ejburtt said...

actually emailed my MLA And the minister who made the announcement.I did indeed work for my MLA during the election, and he emailed me back the same day, asking for the details, and my resume.
I am hoping to all the gods that he can help. I got an offer on my house tonight.
wish me luck.
I wish I didn't have to leave it but it is probably for the best in the end.
thanks for the advice

Anonymous said...

I hope things get better for you.... Keep warm and safe!!

Brunsie said...

are you still having problems with NB Power? I hope your issue was resolved...