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I am a professional crafts person, working in clay and fibre, not necessarily at the same time. I am a juried member of the New Brunswick Crafts Council, The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

back with a twist.

Hello all of you out there in the blogesphere! It sure has been a long time. There have been many changes and many twists and turns in the last couple of years,some good, some bad, some just there. Lizzies yarns has moved folks, yup, we are now country folk, with chickens, and a fantastic view of the beautiful Mira river on Cape Breton Island. And it sure has been a while since I had a ball of yarn and some knitting needles in my hands. I did venture into a yarn store recently, and came out with a sock pattern, and some needles, and NO YARN. yup I was so very proud of myself, I cast on the first sock, and knit one row. This took me several hours, as I had help from a not quite two year old, and stimulating entertainment from a five year old doing an interpretive dance to the philedelphia chickens. Being the smart woman I am, I decided that maybe the socks could wait, and I could get some dishes done instead. This was a much more productive use of my time.
These days Ihave spent much of my time making pottery. I am designing a new line and am very pleased so far, I will post up some pictures as soon as I find the camera.
well cheers for now