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Monday, May 22, 2006

Launched the Etsy store.....

So I have ventured out into the world of online selling with etsy.com. Check out my store, it is penelopespiderworks.etsy.com I am pretty excited that things are up and for sale and out of my hands. The setup was really simple and the price seems super reasonable. I only have four things up right now, but am told that Jackie will list a few things with me too. That should beef up the spot a bit.
In the process of picking pictures from my stash I came across some older photos of things I had done, since I have not much newly photographed I will share a few pics from the past.

This is a galvenized steel handbag that I knit a few years back. I just wanted to see if I could. so I did. The handles and the top band were woven in my inkle loom. I really love this little bag and I had a blast making it. might do some more someday.

This little number was from a series of bags I made, and sold. this is the last one I have, will definately make some more when I can. These bags sold really well. I have this one up on etsy right now.

this little box is made from some hand painted fabric that I was doing when India was a baby, I really enjoyed the process and I love the little box. I think that I will do up a few this summer and embellish them a bit more. maybe take the idea for a walk. I had made a few little boxes while taking a bookbinding workshop a few years ago, but have no photos of them.

this is another of my woven silk bags. This one I own, and use all the time. I love this bag. It sadly is wearing out on the strap where it joins the bag, but I love it so much that I am going to weave me a sturdier strap and let the bag soldier on, for a few more years anyway. It has absolutely no wear and tear anywhere else on the bag.
well thanks for reading, gotta run and weave me a scarf.

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