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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Productivity, No... REALLY!

Boy do I feel like a little worker bee. Nigel's scarf was the catalyst, project given, challenge met. Then there was Katie's wee scarf, gave myself the week, but hey look its done!!!! don't have a camera so bear with my scanner photos. I just cannot wait until someone appears with camera in hand. I have to share. After months of ufo's I have completed two entire projects!!
oh and smarty pants me added a bit extra on the warp for Kate's scarf and I now have a lovely piece of fabric for a handbag.
Well just colour me HAPPY would ya?
But no folks it doesn't stop there, I also made two new warps this morning for scarves while chatting on the phone. I have these lovely cotton chenille yarns from my stash, that just screamed to be woven. One warp, (two scarves) is a deep rust and a lovely warm beige. The other is the same beige with olive green. They are too yummy for words!
I have already threaded the green and beige warp and am ready to tie on and weave in the morning.
oops fatal scanner thingy won't let me show you the progress. Well trust me there has been some. Lots even.I am sure that kate will have her camera when she arrives to block the shawl that time forgot in the morning.
Ta for now must medicate and catch some zzzzzz's


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Of course I bring the camera. Am I ever without the camera? More importantly, do you think I'm not going to witness the assault on the Shawl Time Forgot? I think not!

You got coffee, eh?

Liz said...

yes caffiene is present, no guarantees on the active braincells though