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Monday, May 29, 2006

sunday at the spiderworks.

After a wonderful barbeque with the gang from one thread two thread, and Joepoet on Friday, the rest of my weekend became all about getting to the dyepot. I spent Saturday afternoon winding skeins, and gathering fibres to dye today. I rifled through the shed and came up with a dyepot. I raided the fridge and found an icy cold beer( or three) and settled down with a few skeins and a few cups of dye.
It felt so good to be back at the dyepot for even a few hours. As usual, I only accomplished about half of what I intended, but all in all I think the day was fairly productive. I managed to dye three large skeins of B&L country roving, a large skein of laceweight wool, and one small skein of spider web weight silk. Not bad for an afternoon filled with distractions. As per usual, despite the gloves, I managed to dye one finger green. Tomorrow I will get at the cottons, and maybe some more silk. If the weather holds out, I should be well under way into knitting a bag proto type for my kits with some of the dyed roving. I have two patterns already, but am itching for some design work in something more fancy than my simple casual bags. I have a truckload of great beads and baubles that are screaming for use and this just might be the venue.


Jay said...

So, do you now have a green thumb!?
I want to know what the heck you are going to do with the lace weight wool... I don't think I even want to know what you are planning for the spider web weight silk... that is just so WRONG! You will go blind, woman... blind, I say!
Having said that... I am dying to try some lace.

Liz said...

indeed it is a green thumb, fading now.Alas I have no plan yet for the silk. It may become lace, someday.