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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nigel's Sulky Scarf

Posted by Picasa So this is not exactly knitting, but I used yarn to make it so in my books it counts as blog fodder. I wove this scarf for my dear friend Nigel. Poor dear was scarfless and sulking, and he is such a good pouter, that I caved at his expert sad puppy act.
Man he's good!
Seems his nose was a little out of joint when his girlfriend started knitting a scarf for his equally sad puppy best friend/room mate. Now these are two very lovely boy's who are excellant friends, but WHOA are they competitive. Now I normally wouldn't put my self in the middle of their little competitions, but hey, it was a week moment. I was lagging in the fibre creating, slacking on the sock from hell, and grabbed the first diversion to come my way. I had a blast. Took my normal weaving style for a walk and ran screaming away from my usual wool. I rifled the stash of both my girl's Kate and Jackie, added it to my long forgotten cottons and voila, Nigel's sulking scarf was born from the remnants of several dyeing projects, and stray bobbins of silk.
I believe I have created a monster, I need to do a series, I have Kate's on the warping board as we speak, ready to thread the loom over the next few days, and hoping she will have it in her hot little hands by the weekend.
I love weaving in the summer. It rocks my world fer sure.
I wove this scarf on a table top loom, but the rest will be woven on Jackie's spare floor loom which is currently being stored in my workroom. The weaving is much quicker on the big loom, and much easier opn the old creaky back. Well I must run off and prepare my residency foprms for the tomorrow deadline, Kate the keener is already done. sheesh what a brown noser!!!!
ta ta for now, thanks for readin'

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Anonymous said...

That is really a gorgeous scarf! I am so afraid of looms.