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Friday, June 02, 2006

blanket memories

So Jackie got me thinking about the whole learning to weave issue. We were taught by the same teacher, albeit, a few years apart. I did not persue weaving as my major course of study, instead I wandered downstairs to play in the mud. Although I chose to study pottery, and dropped the weaving after first year, I had my blanket. I have used this blanket for more than twelve years, it has been darned more than once, and it has moved from room to room. It has been dragged around by kids, and kept me warm while nursing babies, snuggling kids on the couch, and while sitting around the kitchen shelter with friends when camping. It has travelled to Vermont, and to Pennsylvania with me, and is still going strong.
I love this blanket. It holds a lot of good memories. The beat is pretty good for a first time weaver, the fringe is a little ratty, but still basically intact, and the colours are a little brighter than I would choose today, but all in all, it ain’t a half bad effort for a first try.


jackie said...

Sue knew what she was doing when she got us to weave blankies.

Leigh said...

Well, I just had a look at Jackie's blanket and must say I am impressed with yours as well.

Sue must have been quite a gal. Not only did she have you weave blankets as a first project, but they aren't even in plain weave!

I'm very impressed.

Liz said...

Sue was an amazing teacher. She is a fantastic tapestry weaver, and all round lovely lady too. She has given her students so much more than just weaving lessons.
She left her position at the college a year aftre she taught me and returned a few years ago on a casual basis. I feel priveleged to have learned from her.