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Saturday, May 14, 2005

What a Colourful World

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, been super busy dying yarn, or may hands. I got the slubby in and had the old stove a humping, I of course was having many "OH-My-God-this-Yarn-Sucks" moments, then Barb came, then Kate came and they ooohed and Aaahed appropriately. The damn stuff just wouldn't dry, I was certainly having a fit. got it dyed got it skeined and it was still wet three days later. Poor Trish.Waiting patiently for her yarn. I ended up taking it to her wet, of course it dried immediately.
I was so nervous, I was afraid she wouldn't like it, terrified even. I had spent all her money and made a hideous mistake. She was going to hate it, I just knew it. She was certainly going to wish she had never met me.
So I bundled it all into a bag, took a deep breath and Kate, Oneida and I jumped in the car to drop it off. I got voted to run to the corner for coffee and when I came back they had broken into the stash. witnesses say that our dear Patricia cried. So I guess it was ok after all.
Walking down York street and seeing all that Yarn in the window feels kind of good, people love it. Yay me!!!
Now I feel kind of pompously proud of my Sheep Thrills. I will have to post some photos of it, they are on Kate's blog but I have many many more that I will post soon. Last night was painted merino roving, and I had a blast. more later.

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Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

There are days I don't know if I should hug you or kick you... the yarns are gorgeous. You are a superb colourist. You need a little more faith in Liz...

If nothing else, the City of Fredericton pays me for the sole purpose of keeping the wool merchants of Fredericton in business. God knows my paycheque doesn't spend a lot of time gathering dust in the bank account.

Big hug...you're doing great.