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Friday, May 20, 2005

Kate's Martini

the stash
I have to say that the evening was a hoot. Kate came over toting her camera, and photographed a weeks worth of dyeing. and made herself a raspberry martini. My Kitchen table was covered with yarn and rovings as you can see. I guess when you dye two or three pots at a time it adds up. I am getting better organized every day and things are smoothing out and becoming easier. I now have a huge selection of photographs that I can blog nad use to flog may yarns.
Problem of the day?? need more yarns. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for our mohair boucle, and it is nowhere to be found. The slubby that I have already done is great but we need some variety. It was hard enough to decide which yarns to order in the first place, and to know what people will want in the end. Lets face it we are not marketing to the average knitter who shops wall mart for the bargain yarns. I am looking towards the true fibre junkies. I know they are out there I just need to tap into them and give them the variety I know they want. Currently I have the slubby, merino rovings, and finn rovings. I have dyed some merino yarns for Barb Telford and some silks from my personal stash but I think developing a personal line will be an ongoing process of supply and demand. I just need to create the demand. Well time to go see what is going on in the laundry room. hoping the faeries have completed the million pounds of laundry while I have been blogging. What are the chances?????

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Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

IF the freaking laundry fairies have been to your house, you send the lazy little bastards back across the river because they haven't finished their work over here.