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Thursday, May 19, 2005

technology, Who Knew?????/

Yesterday I ventured down to York Street, and dropped off the rovings and merino to Trish. While there Barb showed us how to use the knitting machine. Wow. I am so impressed. Here I was trying desperately to make up sample bags to showcaes my yarns slogging away for hours and hours and hours(I knit very slowley)to make little hand bags that I felt anyway, when lo and behold, you can knit the damned things in ten minutes. I love technology. I gotta get me a knitting machine. Well maybe I'll just use Barb or Trish's, since really i don't knit all that much, I am first and foremost a weaver, and currently a dyer. Besides where would i put a knitting machine in my house, perhaps on top of thepottery wheel in my kitchen?
But seriously, I have been getting more and more organised and have I believe got this dye at night thing well underway. I have a bunch of rovings to do tonight, and am home with a sick kid today so there is a pot of Briggs and Little simmering on the stove, just got off phone from Trish and she sold a bunch of Merino last night!! yay!
It is sure a whole lot easier to believe that we are doing the right thing when people have started buying. I am having fun doing it but fun only takes ya so far. I hope to get some bags made possibly this weekend while the kiddies are away. And then there will be stock to sell yay! We will se just how that goes. I have to attend a wedding dance on Friday evening so who knows how the rest of the weekend will go. Me and two girlfriends that grew up on the same street, always a fun combination!
Add to that a bunch of relatives from the Miramichi and it can only be a good party. Well cheers all I must now run off to check my bags that are felting and the yarn that is a simmering.


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Sales!! From someone other that this particular fibre slut!!! I'm so excited. You didn't tell me that.

Liz said...

oops. It was from Barb's stash. forgot in the chaos of the rest of the day