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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Organizing Chaos

For those who don't know, I lead a very hectic life. I have two very beautiful children, A fulltime job as the executive director/chief curator at the York Sunbury Museum here in Freddy, am the president of the New Brunswick Crafts Council, and have been trying to start my own business.
Wow that sounds just as hectic as it is. For those who do know me it is no surprise that though I function fairly well in all of these roles, something has got to give. I have been spending a lot of time thinking through what exactly I need to do to get these things in order of priority.
My first order of business is straightening out the chaos. Physical Chaos, and administrative chaos reign superior. I figure the best way to prioritize is to start with the physical chaos.
Time to organize the shite.
This should bring a giggle from those who have seen me work. I tend to lose myself in the project and create chaos around me. When the project is done and I observe the surroundings I am always surprised at the "hurricane blew through the house" look of the place. I think that the damn mess breeds when I am not looking. Oh yeah -that would be the 9 and 11 year olds that live with me.
Organization will be the key to my success in this endeavour. If I want a home business I need to schedule it all from set up to cleanup and paperwork. Up until now it has been really loosey goosey, and because of that it has sucked a lot of time, time that I could be with the kids, time that I could be productive in the household and time that I could work on my art.
Learning to pace myself and be firm about my schedule will be hard but I am adament that it be done. It is the difficulty of working at home, people drop in or call and keep me from the task at hand. I need to be working and productive. The nice girl in me is terrified that I will offend people by saying no, but the mother, business woman and artist in me is celebrating what I figure is freedom to do what makes me whole.

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