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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Business Plan.....

So I have the wholesale catologue..................
I have a calculator, I settle down and try to make an order. $600 minimum, no prob. yeah right. in my single parent, sole wage earner, budget queen mind, that equals one mortgage payment, or one months grocery bill, or power, phone and cable combined, thirty friday evenngs at the pub, or fifteen dinners out with the kids including dessert and a beer for mom. I have never spent that much on yarn. I mean it's just yarn, ya can't eat it. technically you can wear it and live in it if you know how to felt a yurt. but given our climate and propensity for privacy it is not bloody likely that the kids and I are gonna start living in a yurt. Oh did I mention that it wasn't even my $600??? no that would be Trish the yarn Store owner, Trish has faith in me. she and kate are under the impression that i know what I am doing. ssshhh don't tell them. I never studied Chemistry in high school cause the chart freaked me out. Periodic table blah blah blah....... I did have a relationship with a chemist once, excuse me that would be a doctor of chemistry
Went to The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, studied Glaze`chemistry, just add fire and stir........ Now they hand me yarn and fibre like a couple of five year olds clutching a bouquet of dandelions, full of hope love and naaive faith that I can do it all. Oh the pressure!!!!

I know. suck it up princess.
so should I show you all the labels now or should I let you wait till there is some yarn involved? depends on my ability to post photos at this point. I may have to call in the experts....

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Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

This princess says you're going to do just fine. Stop fretting and start breathing and all will be good.

Great big hug.