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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Big Girl Dye Beer, Kate and the felted bag saga

Had a 4:oo oclock meeting yesterday, thank the Gods it involved wine and food. Tourism industry blah blah blah, hell it pays the bills and usually I enjoy it (actually I love it) but the damned felted bag was calling me from four blocks away. Gotta get it done.
Kate so kindly pointed out that I might want to rethink my description of the "Ocean Colours" because apparently she has never seen water that colour... was I referring to another planet maybe???? she is right. amazing the difference lightbulbs in the ceiling fixture make. Who Knew?
The colours are actually more of a concord grape still on the vine The knitting is done and I am ready to tackle the sewing and felting this evening, while Kate and I dye her cottons to be used in her next masterpiece shawl. Kate is making a felted bag as well. Of course hers is Fancy and involved, celtic knotwork spirals AND she is swatching it first. Pauncy Bitch. Hers will probably turn out too. that's okay though. I will just add bells and whistles and beads and baubles and out shine the bitch with my persian finish when the time comes. It'll work trust me, people love shiny.
Gotta hand it to Kate, she came over last night and learned the fine art of dying from the pro. Oh did I mention I f****ed it up? she thinks it is beautiful, and it is- it just isn't the colour it was supposed to be. oops!
ssshh don't tell her!!!!
Gotta fly time to save the heritage world.

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Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Concord grapes...that's closer than ocean. Oh by the way, I have this totally kick ass 3 cheese and roast onion dip that's coming with me tonight. Might as well be part of your arse as well as mine. Talk to you later tonight.