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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

work in progress

Just a little update on the goins on here chez lizzie. I am working on a project for my power of images class, and am having a blast. The assignment was to appropriate an image and make it something it isn't. I chose to cut wee missy here from a photo and play around with her a bit.
The original photo has her father and brother on either side, all hangin out the window first thing after nap time. Messy hair and sleepy eyes and such. I am making her a glamour queen. kinda wierd, buit definately out of context no? not sure what the final product will look like but the playing around is kind of fun fer sure.
they may become stitched papers, or they may just be apprpriated in other ways. dunno yet. I think she would make a great t-shirt. or poster. Posted by Picasa


jackie said...

Andy Warhol eat your heart out

Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

It's so cool because I know that little girl and one about the same age...and it's odd because they're both at the same stage...one foot set firmly in little girl and the other tentatively testing the waters of young woman. It was not so long ago, they were stealing our high heels to mince around the house in and now I suspect they're eying our lipsticks covetously.

Liz said...

hmm you may be right...
She was only four in this photo. crazy eh?

Anonymous said...

that seems like a lot of fun. Can I send a picture of me and can you shave off some pounds and years?

Liz said...

sure, Ill do my best, but hey, this is my first attempt, and she is a very familiar face!!!!