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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why I Love My House, Warts and All

Every now and again I have to remind myself what it is I love about my house. I have had a particularly event filled week regarding my humble pile of sticks. It is an old beast, and needs constant fine-tuning. This odd winter we are experiencing has played havoc with my pipes.  And I sadly need to save for new windows, and sewage drain pipes,. Within the next few years I have to rid myself of my oil-burning furnace, and replace with Gas or electric. I have had the old girl for 10 ½ years, and we have had a love / hate relationship for most of it. So bear with me while I share what I do love about her.
I love my Kitchen. It is a work in progress, but I love it. I love the counter top of beautiful tiles that Jackie and I designed over a pint of beer. I love the sandy tile floors, and the warm, rich, pumpkin walls. I love that when we tore off the hideous vinyl wall board and cheap pine wainscoting that was poorly installed, we found original beaded board on walls and ceiling. When I finally put up the crown moulding and cup shelves it will be EXACLTY the kitchen I want. I love that when I look out my French door in summer, I see a crazy vine laden with grapes, and know we will have jelly, or wine in the fall. I love the art that hangs above my table. It is vibrant and warm and meaningful.
I love that all the baseboards are lovely wide pieces of wood, I love the random pine floor in my Bedroom, The tiles I am laying in the hall, and the sloppy ceilings on the second floor. I love my walk in closet. When I finally organize it I may move in to it.
I love my location, I don’t need a car to function day to day. I can walk to the grocery store, my sister’s office, liquor store, pub, and all the good restaurants. I have a hardware store and art supply store and a yarn store close enough to practically spit on. There are two used bookstores and a great independent bookseller within a block of each other sandwiched between my favourite pub, the art supply store and my favourite restaurant
Jackie, her DH and kids are two blocks away, and the kids are old enough to make the journey on their own. Finally. We have two indoor and one outdoor rink within walking distance, should we get the urge to skate. The police station is three blocks away, so when Kate makes soup, I can generally get some before Fredericton’s finest descends upon it like a herd of locusts.
My kids and I can walk to school and everywhere else. We like that.  All in all, it ain’t such a bad place to be. Except when the pipes burst, and you are ankle deep in mud trying to solder copper pipes that won’t stop dripping. Or when your drain freezes and your washer spews all over the laundry area, and through the floor to the basement. But thank the gods and goddesses for dirt floor basements!

But the really good things are:
I do now have fully functional pipes to all of my water areas, both hot and cold.
I can now solder copper pipes, and have the tools to do it should the need arise.
I know how to shut off water supplies.
I saved approximately $200 in plumber fees, and survived the adventure..
I don’t hate my house, and nobody caught a tirade of swearwords. NOT EVEN ONCE!!!!!


Jay said...

I love it... what a wonderful idea to pay tribute to your house and extol its virtues, instead of just living in it like we all tend to. I am going to go home tonight and appreciate my house and give it a bit of a stroke here and there to thank it.

Anonymous said...

I love your house too! She sounds like a wise old woman who is warm, friendly and endearing. And as an old woman, sometimes she has incontinence and pees all over the place!