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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Loom update

Well, we have lumber, we have yarn, and we have a bottle of Australian wine. I have the power tools necessary for cutting, drilling and screwing the beast together. So why is the warp weighted loom not done?  Well folks, it will be worked on this fine evening for sure. I have been inspired by my recent trip to Jackie’s where she was busily dyeing wool, and snapping photos of her progress. Her warp is pretty, beautiful even. Stunning might come to mind. I am so very inspired by it that I have hauled out my yarns and am going to embark on a marathon Dye session of my own. My warp is going to be much smaller, and will definitely be less painterly. But it sure will beat the crappy colours that it is at the moment. The yarn is a lovely fine merino pilfered from Jackie’s stash, and bound for a reproduction Roman fabric. It has an unfortunate, 1980’s country blue colour that does nothing for me. It shall become a lovely rich indigo colour before the evening is done. I may even find a cool colour for the crap green that accompanies it.
I have tablets threaded already for the tablet weaving samples to accompany the loom, and am planning a bit o’ weaving on them while my warp simmers in its bath of rich blue dye. I am thoroughly enjoying this wee project, and don’t even resent the paperwork involved. Will post yarn pictures soon.
Night y’all, gotta get at it…


jackie said...

Damn! I just love to be inspiration.

Anonymous said...

You're making me crave a loom. I guess that will be next after I master spinning! Put the damn thing together and drink the wine!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait a minute.... I said it backwards.... Drink the wine and put the damn thing together!

Severina said...

Loom loom loom! Oh, and wine.

I have to encourage somebody to build a loom since I moved into a place that size-wise will now only allow a piece of new furniture as big as a lap desk.

Wine wine wine! Loom, too.