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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Craving a Fibre Fix, and I Don't Mean Muffins...

All I want to do is weave. I don't care about the war between Sparta and Athens. I am fast losing interest in the various idiosynchracies of Early Modern European kings. I am not particularly thrilled with the pragmatic philosophy of early 20th century America. and quite frankl;y have too much to say about NAFTA to even start worrying about at this point.
Can't complain much about my Roman Classics, cause I get to weave, ( after I build the damned loom) and My fine arts project is way to cool for words.
So two out of six ain't bad.
But I really just want to weave.
And sew something cool.
So I bought a pattern today. It is really quite cute. A bag for missy I to carry the dog in. Yeah I know, I coulda drafted a pattern, but why f around when someone else has already done it. I will probably morph the damned thing beyond all recognition anyway.
If I ever get Five spare Minutes to sew.
The boy child is not feeling so hot tonight so I may get to stay home tomorrow...
Three hours of sparta versus Athens, small healthy lunch, then three hours of sewing time sounds fair to me...
Lord knows I can't really spare the time to warp a loom, and actually weave something in that time.
Sigh, need a fibre fix bad.
Maybe I'll pull a jackie a dye something to get that instant hit of satisfaction!


jackie said...

Worked for me. Note, I was at the library last night and saw that they have a 4 set VHS from the history channel about ancient Rome. Thought that you might like to know. You were out when I stopped by last night.

Jay said...

Hope you managed to get some sewing time. Would love to see the result.
What about doing some sewing first, then doing the finishing up (sewing on buttons, putting up hems, matching and pinning seams) while you read your texts? Or am I just too hyper?

Liz said...

oh no you are not too hyper, just way more organized for me!
I got the reading in, no chance to sew yet, but did get some ideas sketched out and some fabric gathered.
onward ho!

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Someone dropped off a homeless upright loom at my house, it is primitive but funtional.
funny how these things find you when your reputation as a fiber fiend gets around

Liz said...

ahh yes, my first loom, a lovely Glimakra from the 50's appeared at my house in much the same way. Still using it, and have made several offerings to the faeries in thanks. gotta love the fibre faeries...