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Sunday, February 19, 2006

When in Rome

When in Rome…

Yes well, I am not really in Rome. But am buried deep into Classics 1413, Rome during Classical times. Lovin it, lovin it lovin it. My professor has decided we can do a project, and short write up in lieu of an essay. I love it. I get to MAKE something odd and obsolete, with a built in F***k off factor of approximately 1 billion.
Oh and I get to do double duty and appear at my local SCA shire spring Schola and blow the rest of the ninnies sideways. Not that I disrespect any of them in any way. But I am a little sick of a few snarks who think they know it all from Genesis on.
So my project is a reproduction Roman warp weighted loom. I am building it myself, and making the clay weights myself, weaving the header on cards in a lozenge or broken twill pattern. Joe poet and I visited the local Home Hardware yesterday. Lumber is ordered and project is underway.
Jackie kindly donated some lovely fine merino that will become the header band, and Joe has kindly taken on the role of Chief photographer for the project. Kate the Oddball, is moral support in the wings. Oh - and she owns the cards that the header will be woven on. Posts will be short and sweet over the next few weeks but will keep y’all updated on the progress.
Sorry it is not exactly knitting, but hey at least there is yarn, and yarn snobbery involved.
Cheers all, and happy knitting!


Severina said...

Now why the hell don't any of my teachers encourage us to do this kinda project???

Envious grumbling...

Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

She just makes strange mewling sounds until they cave...

OOOOOOOOOhhhh that's where my cards went... I got more, just for the record. Someday, gonna learn to actually use them.

Oh yes, I will.

Liz said...

well I may need to borrow more cards. dude i have had them for nearly four years, you took them out of the Halcyon Yarn bag in my kitchen and never came back for them.
Oh and I don't whine. I may bitch I even occasionally scare people into submission. But I am no mewling whiner. It is beneath me.;-)
My loom is an exciting thing, and so is my paper on the witch hunt in England and Scotland.
If only I could conjure a way out of the damned peloponnesian wars....

jackie said...

I am looking forward to seeing this loom in action. I have a vague picture in mind, very vague. Keep at it.