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Thursday, June 02, 2005

When Katie Met Lizzie or Close Encounters of the Oddball Kind.

Well everyone I am back. Did y'all miss me? first off let me tell you all just how much I Love the cable guys. Internets at home, digital cable and high speed connection. I can talk to Kate and surf the net while the electronic babysitter entertains the younguns!
Of course the first thing I did online was check Kate's blog. As usual I was snorting and giggling away, wiping the tears from my eyes and trying not to pee myself. Thinking to myself, "Damn is she ever funny in writing!"
Wait a minute. She is just plain funny period. While checking out the comments section I noticed her newest blog commenter felt the same way. My immediate thought was "If you think she's funny in writing, you should meet her live and in person." Believe me it is quite an experience!
No really.
I met her approximately 3 1/2 years ago and I am still not totally sure I have recovered. I swear to all the God's and Goddesses, this is the absolute truth about our first meeting. I will never forget it so long as I live.

Picture this.
April 2002

There I was just puttering around the house, feeling a bit restless and missing my own true love who was visiting his folks in England. The house was quiet, but for the sounds of CBC radio in the background. I was pondering my next sewing project, contemplating rearranging the furniture, and .........(phone rings)

L: Hello?
K: You're not one of those freaks that doesn't feed her kids sugar are you?
L: Umm, uh, ah, .....no? (no clue who I am talking to)
K: Thank god whatta ya take in your coffee?Cause I 'm assuming you do drink coffee.
L: (meekly with some bewilderment) Double- double but...
K: Right. I'm at the timmie's drive through, oh S**T, gotta go.
dial tone
L:(hanging up the phone, with a somewhat stunned look on my face) I began to panic. A stranger is coming to my house with sugar.
And coffee.
At least I think she is. But really, who could be sure?
Knocking sounded at the front door. I look wildly around me. The house is a mess (not really messy, but this is a stranger! my house is definately not stranger clean.) What'll I do??? What if it is school and family association people. What if it's the church people from down the street, damn I knew I should have just gone to church more......
Again with the knocking
So I did what all sane (?) 32 year old women who are expecting strange women bearing coffee and sugar, who may or may not be the school and family association and the minister's wife, and hell while we're at it Martha Stewart, and the fashion police.
I pasted a perfectly lovely (tr: somewhat frantic and slightly pannicked) smile on my face, and swung open the door to greet .....
K: Hi , can't stay long, nice place (dumps a twenty pack of timbits on the coffee table, heads for kitchen) don't eat those they're for the kids here's your coffee, promised D I would stop in to see you while he's gone so here I am. Can only stay a minute, what's your schedule? I'll pick you up tomorrow we're going to Debbie's to hash out this wedding gown thing. You are helping right? Thought so. See you at tenish. I'll get the coffee on the way. Gotta go. Bye. (walks out the back door, lights a cigarette waves at me up over her head, and heads on down the drive to her little civic and drives away)
L: so that is D's friend Kate. This should be interesting...........
and it definately has been.


Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Well, a few things have changed since...First, I don't smoke anymore. Second, I'm a whole lot calmer. Almost gentle in my darling little disposition.

Liz said...