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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Solstice,Full moon,family

well what can I say? As kate the oddball knitter pointed out not even an hour ago I haven't posted in a week. I wanted to post ,yet this week knitting is the last thing on my mind. SO BEAR WITH ME, It ain't pretty.
It isn't that I have forgotton, it is just that this week has been for me a lttle overwhelming. I come from what in the sixties and seventies was an odd family. We pioneered the stepfamily. We made it through (all of us kids). we have the battle scars to prove it. JUST to let you know beforehand, I'd take a bullet for each and every one of them, the whole siblings, the half siblings and those who are the products of subsequent unions/previous unions on both sides.. The Brady Bunch was fiction, trust me it is a whole lot harder in real life.Besides we beat em any way, there are seven of us. (and then most of us bred...)
So needless to say knitting? not so much. Martinis? yes why yes indeed there have been a few.
My niece graduated this week from high school, awesome kid. She will be heading off to NY state in November to work as an au pair, and attend classes subject to be determined. I am sooooo gonna miss her being around. the kids in our family are great, its the parents we need to worry about!!! but seriously it is over now. god bless.
We all had a great little solstice party though! Kate, Jackie, Bill, Jon and I and all appropriate children except Kate's gathered at my place. We drank to the summer and to each other. I'll post the pictures later!

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