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Saturday, June 11, 2005

All in a Day's Work

roving Posted by Hello

What a day! for someone who is no longer holding down the super stressful day job, I'm certainly not having a hard time filling time. It seems that the old adage about closing a door certainly is true. I wasn't out of my office 24 hours before the opportunities came a knockin'. I am doing two, and possibly even three artist in residence gigs this summer, and have two galleries wanting my stuff. a smart girl would panic, but not me, I am either not bright enough to figure out that I have 2 months worth of work to do in 10 days or I have faith that my good old protestant work ethic will have the stamina to make it through. But seriously, I am making some real progress getting things done.
I was up and at em this morning first thing, and yarns in tow, made it to Trish's to knit yardage before ten oclock. I have made a considerable dent in the stash, and been having a ball designing bags. After knitting all morning Kate and I had a marathon photo shoot in my yard, WOW. She made me haul stuff out that I haven't seen in ages, and how good was THAT for my ego! I hardly had a moment to think, she was whippin' stuff on and off of the table, hangin stuff off the fence and generally just flying through it. It was so satisfying to get those photos and be able to say "I did that" that is my work, my design, and I can certainly be proud of it.
So I have posted a few of them for you guys to all see. It was exhausting but there it is, I now have photos of it all.
I have to run, must prepare kits and product for pickup on the 20th. And get stuff to "hand work" stage for my gallery shift on Tuesday. Ta Ta.

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