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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Day

Day three as artist in residence at String Fever Textiles Gallery. I am surviving, even producing things. True to my personality, I had no clue as to what the @#$# I was going to do all week, until I started doing it.
Turns out I was better off than I thought. I have been knitting, felting, and gossiping like mad! I have made some major progress in the "get-off-my-ass -and-just-do-SOMETHING!" department. All of the insane designs that have flitted through my brain in the last four months are seemingly, sorting themselves out and becoming actual works in progress. Though I am sure that I will not have a great deal of product at weeks end, I am reasonably sure that I will have at least worked out what it is I will be producing during my two weeks at the Casemates. so far the theme seems to be all about the boiled wool purses. A bit of the old needlefelting, and some crazy floral accessaries.
I am sharing my residency with Sarah Maloney, a Halifax based textile artist who is working on some amazing things. Her current work has me slack jawed with awe. I have been a real fan of her work for years, she has been exploring the human form, through textiles. Some of her previous works are- a knitted brain and spinal column, a vessal filled with knitted human hearts, A skeleten, and many embroidered peices based on the human body.
The peice she is working on right now is mind blowing. She is beading a skin. One bead at a time.For the last three years. Wow , and I am so needing a digital camera.
Maybe I need to shop next week.
I definately need to shop next week. Well I must run off and plan day four. Cheers all.

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