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Monday, August 08, 2005

awsome quotes

Did you ever run across a quote that just worked on so many levels you had to share it with the world, only to have half the people you share it with look at you as though you have sprouted a second head?
My dear friend from high school posted a quote recently that was, in my mind, truly brilliant. Now to explain my friend-she is a wonderfully talented person, very bright and soo much fun. We see each other rarely, she is in Ontario and I am here :( Seonaid (Gaelic = shona) started university in Electrical Engineering, switched to physics, married a physicist, quit her phd in Nuclear physics, and is now studing Education at grad school. Why am I sharing all of this? it is relevant to the quote I will be throwing at you for comment. While walking through campus the other day she came across this, written outside the fine arts building:

"When you accept that matter expanded into something out of nothing, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."
Seonaid's addendum: That explains why physicists dress that way.

Now I thought this was truly brilliant. no one I told about it got it. Is it me?

ps Seonaid does not dress that way


Steph said...

hee hee... makes sense to me. Too bad it didn't say something about not cutting your fingernails.

Hi! I've been peeking at your blog off and on this summer. I'm a fellow NBer but now live in NS. So I promise, no weird blog stalking in your hometown.

Liz said...

so glad that it isn't just me. Welcome aboard Steph!

Kellie said...

I totally get this. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

hmm... I'm stilling thinking on this one!

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

But how do the pocket protectors fit in?LOL

Liz said...

I knew you guys would get it. as for pocket protectors, I am not sure which theory covers them. I can honestly say that though I had a rather, serious relationship with a physics student when I was young, and a very serious relationship with a PHD Chemist as an adult, I have yet to see either of them indulge in that particular fashion statement. THANK GOD.

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

my first love we shall call him Larry, was a chemical engineering major, wore one all the time. His chemicals ruined my class ring. That was a sign. It was a mismatch that thank goodness ended before a marriage. He was a conservative nerd, I am a high flyin freaky momma. It never would have worked. Beware the pocket protector!

Liz said...

you had better believe it baby! My first geek wore tie dye all the time,he is a stock broker now. gave up science for cashola.