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Thursday, September 15, 2005

the things your friends leave behind

Well folks you may recall that on Labour day weekend, your girl Lizzie was dividing her time between being President of the craft council at the festival, and knitting up a storm at the casemates residency. What you may not know is that at the festival was a potter demonstrating. No folks it was not me this time. It was a talented young fellow by the name of Lee Horus Clark.
Now Lee makes interesting things with clay, very interesting. And occasionally big things. Very big things. Very Big and hard to transport things. This is where I come in to the story. I have through default and sheer lunacy become the custodian of Lee's latest very large pot. It was supposed to be only a week. The pot is bigger than my kids, and nearly 200 pounds of clay were used in the making. no that is not a typo. it really is 200 pounds of clay.Cool Huh?


Anonymous said...

That pot is huge, and I absolutely love it. I'm wondering how long it takes to throw a pot that size? Are the color variations due to different types of clay? Cool, really cool.

Liz said...

yes the colour variations are from two clays.It took Lee three days to throw the pot as he had to let the clay set a bit before adding coils on to throw it higher.
This pot will be fired in a traditional Japanese anagama kiln in October. It takes five to seven days to fire the kiln.
And a s**tload of wood, blood,sweat and tears involved with every firing. His work is stunning, he is having a show at Gallery 78 here in Freddy in November

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance, could you post more pictures of his work in November? I would love to have the opportunity to see more. I just love pot, I mean pottery!