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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Harvest Jazz and Blues

Feat don’t fail me now…

Well they are here. Tonight is the night, two shows live at the Bud Light Blues tent -acoustic at 6 pm and electric at 9. I have my Thursday pass and I have my beer tokens, I am ready to dance my a** off. I love harvest time in Freddyville. For more than 30 years the groovy, funky, jam-band sounds of little feat have been settin’ toes tappin’ all over the place, now they have come to Fredericton. And I am going to BOTH shows. Yay Me!!!!

This is where I do my happy dance. One of the real joys of living in Fredericton is The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. Now in its 15th year, this small town festival has grown to big city proportions. Fredericton is now attracting and producing world class musicians. We will be enjoying such great names as Fruteland Jackson, Matt Minglewood, John Lee Hooker Jr. and a ton more. Again with the happy dance.

Our local talented line up includes Hot Toddy, Big Alice, Barriomatic Trust, Vetch, Petunia, Grand Theft Bus, Isaac and Blewett, and Melonworks. All are worthy bands, some ECMA winners and nominees.

The kids and I attended the kick off concert last night with the STU Jazz ensemble and we will be taking in some shows tomorrow and Saturday, but tonight is all about the mama. And little feat, maybe about the Barriomatic Trust, possibly about Big Alice. But definitely about the Late night Jam. And about the beer. Yup breaking the all but hump day beer ban. It has to be done, they don’t make martinis at the Blues tents, damned peasants.
For those interested I have included a link to one of my personal faves from the local scene.


Well folks the shameless promotion of our little festival is done for now. I must do laundry, and I must prepare for the evening ahead. Ta Ta for now.
Yours, Lizzie


Anonymous said...

Okay, since your having a beer on a nonhump day, I'm going to have a mudslide tonight! In your honor, of couse!

Liz said...

excellant. Mudslides are good. I had a few beer on non humpday but littlefeatc'mon...
Met em afterward and hung out for a bit. It was an awsome show! both of em.