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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Home Again

Sorry its been so long, I have missed you all. I am back from Halifax, Arrived on Monday after being snowed in in Antigonish. Then got Caught up in Mason's birthday celebration. We suited up! a la Barney Stinson, and had a grand adventure to Wentworth Perk for Hot Chocolate. It was really fun, he loved it.
Then it took most of Tuesday to find my kitchen under the mess of a mama free weekend. Before I knew it, it was time to prep for my Wednesday classes. Hence the no Blogging til now.
The scarfa week project moved along, I got the fringes done while in Halifax drinking beer, er tea but did not wet finish it. New scarf a week will be done this weekend, just needs to be tied on and we are ready to roll. I have a terrible feeling that it is not as long as it should be, but we shall see, no need to stress, it is purple, and I know a six year old. She may be the only kid on the playgroundwearing silk, but hey, she does claim that she would like to be a princess. The scarf will be worn, no matter how short it is.
Next week's warp is wound and ready to be put on the loom, it is a manly looking khaki green and beige cotton chenille. Cozy, and kind of safe after my wild mixed fibre warp this time around. For warp number three I have plans for fabric that goes bump, or maybe some woven shibori. I have some bamboo yarn that would make a lovely soft, drapey (is drapey a word?) scarf. I have not dyed bamboo yet, but I think it will take colour without a hitch. Yes I think that is it, I shall make a bamboo shibori warp for scarf a week warp #3.

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