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I am a professional crafts person, working in clay and fibre, not necessarily at the same time. I am a juried member of the New Brunswick Crafts Council, The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sewing Like a fool...

I have been a busy little beaver these past few weeks. I have been chained to my husqvarna and sewing like a demon. I have certainly made some progress on the production work. I listed four new bags on etsy today, I am pretty excited about this new line. I am really enjoying the painting and the sewing. There will be more up in the next few days, but etsy was slower than molasses today so I got bored and took an extended break. Check em out at the etsy store penelopespiderworks.etsy.com


Anonymous said...

are the celtic emblems stenciled..or did you actualy draw them????? They are far too perfect for hand drawings..just curious..

Liz said...

well, they are hand drawn and hand painted. I do use tools, such as compass and ruler. some of them are traditional knots etc, that are very mathematical. I draw em out on paper and then transfer tham to cloth and hand paint them. some are images that are not entirely my design, but are bits and pieces of other designs smooshed together. but no they are not stenciled. I have a very steady hand and a teeny wee brush.

Anonymous said...


Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Great job on the bags! Looks like you are a busy beaver.
How is Kate? I haven't heard from her and am hoping she is ok.

Leigh said...

I'm just surfing the WeaveRing. Your bags are so attractive; they should sell very well.