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I am a professional crafts person, working in clay and fibre, not necessarily at the same time. I am a juried member of the New Brunswick Crafts Council, The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stash Enhancement

Well folks. for a girl who had no home internets, and for a very long time, no tv. I have certainly been intrigued by the online shopping lately. I have purchased the motherload of scrumptious beads on ebay.
For the past two years I have been lamenting the lack of bling on my hand woven bags. I tried the fimo route. I have tried searching out the vintage jewellry at local yard sales and tag sales. I have whined, pissed and moaned about the lack of good craft suppliers in freddy. Then I met ebay.
I may be in love.
Or at least obsessed.
I have admittedly bought too many beads for the bags I have completed, so now I am planning jewellry. Lots of jewellry. I have a s**t load of lampwork beads in my purse, and a shipload of swarovski crystals and vintage glass beads on the way.
My current knitting project has about a zillion glass seed beads of various colours strung on it. Its really shiny. I am very excited about it. I think I need to buy a digital Camera to show off my pretties.my blog has become very picture deficient these days. Kate has a camera. joe bought one today, I may be the only kid on the block who doesn't have one. pout. sigh. I need a "sugar daddy" in the biggest way.
So anyway, this fine week in New Brunswick will see me laying subfloor in my front hall, (and possibly tiling if I don't injure myself with the skil saw). Joe-poet is off to Serbia for a book launching thingy, and I have raided his power tools for the Renovation marathon. 100 year old houses are not easy to heat in this fine province. I can't decide if it is the single paned windows, or the lack of insulation that have me hyperventalating but the local Home Hardware has seen my panic stricken face several times today. I currently have seven opinions on the best way to insulate my basement stairwell. Three on what to heat with, and two on what material to use under my ceramic tile as sub flooring. I love small towns. every one has an opinion and the god given right to express it. bless the lot of em.
The subfloor is the ends of my studio subfloor. free leftovers are the best. For the love of God there is approximately three and a half inches of plank flooring underneath. I think it will be ok, the ceramic tile will not fall through the hundred year old planks. lord knows I haven't and I am no lightweight.
furthermore, it being wednesday, I have had my token beer with my dear friend, and expert on all matters of construction, Doug. Doug says I am right, and told me that my way of insulating was best. (and he isn't even sucking up.) He is also gonna come hang my door. I like Doug. He rocks. Well gotta fly sleep calls and I must be up early to go to the gym.
Cheers, Lizzie

Friday, October 14, 2005

Could a been the Whiskey...

Yes folks, that time has come to fredericton when all drunken Scotsmen get proud..er, proud Scotsmen get drunk, umm... Well -one or the other or both of the above are true.
You may have guessed it, tonight is the night, it is finally here... The tenth anniversary version of ....

let's raise your spirits!
Whiskey, Spirits and Liqueur Festival

Yay! how excited am I ? I can hardly stand it.
Joe poet has his ticket, and Kellie just arrived from Sackville. I have new pants and new boots. My lipstick has even been hauled out and dusted off.
There will be whiskey of course, and lovely liqueurs, and MEN IN KILTS. Oh goody I can hardly sit still!

And tomorrow, by golly, is the travelling yarn yardsale, held by the Fredericton Designer Weavers. Scads and oodles of beautiful yarns and more yarns and yet ..more yarns. we get to drink whiskey Friday, shop for yarn on Saturday, and there is an antique sale on Sunday. This just might be the perfect weekend. sigh. I am realy not sure I can handle the excitement. I think I need to lay down.
Oh yeah, knitting. Blog is about knitting.

I am currently knitting a very secret project with galvanized steel and glass seed beads. I am also weaving a project with wire and beads. I will probably go crazy and or do permanent damage to something before they are done but I am sure they will both be worth the effort.
Gotta go pick up the kidlets, cheers all!
I'll let y'all know how the festival went.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday, or something Like it

Today is yard sale day chez Lizzie. I have nothing priced, or even sorted really, and I have no cash float and I have yet to open the front door and start chucking stuff out. I figure I can just wing it. Kate was just here with a large Timmie’s, Her weekend is filled with Fantastic Fun at the machine knitting guild shindig. I supplied her with several pretty little packs of roving to sell, drank the coffee and am now semi motivated to begin the day.
Time chez Lizzie has been sadly spent neglecting knitting and concentrating on pottery design. I have now reached the point where stuff can start to happen production wise, and I can pick up the needles again. Kate and I went road trippin to Harvey and maxed out the old bank account at Briggs and Little one more time. I rented some movies for the kids and started a bag. I am knitting B&L Country roving in sheep’s brown, goldenrod, and natural. I cannot believe how quickly it knits up!  I have done felted bags with it before, but mostly ones I dyed myself. It is nice to just use the commercial colours for a change. But then I found a rogue skein of fleece artist slubby that might look good in it too…
Sigh. Must get the ever so organized yard sale underway, wake up the grunt labour, uh I mean the kids and get this dog and pony show on the road.