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Friday, October 14, 2005

Could a been the Whiskey...

Yes folks, that time has come to fredericton when all drunken Scotsmen get proud..er, proud Scotsmen get drunk, umm... Well -one or the other or both of the above are true.
You may have guessed it, tonight is the night, it is finally here... The tenth anniversary version of ....

let's raise your spirits!
Whiskey, Spirits and Liqueur Festival

Yay! how excited am I ? I can hardly stand it.
Joe poet has his ticket, and Kellie just arrived from Sackville. I have new pants and new boots. My lipstick has even been hauled out and dusted off.
There will be whiskey of course, and lovely liqueurs, and MEN IN KILTS. Oh goody I can hardly sit still!

And tomorrow, by golly, is the travelling yarn yardsale, held by the Fredericton Designer Weavers. Scads and oodles of beautiful yarns and more yarns and yet ..more yarns. we get to drink whiskey Friday, shop for yarn on Saturday, and there is an antique sale on Sunday. This just might be the perfect weekend. sigh. I am realy not sure I can handle the excitement. I think I need to lay down.
Oh yeah, knitting. Blog is about knitting.

I am currently knitting a very secret project with galvanized steel and glass seed beads. I am also weaving a project with wire and beads. I will probably go crazy and or do permanent damage to something before they are done but I am sure they will both be worth the effort.
Gotta go pick up the kidlets, cheers all!
I'll let y'all know how the festival went.


Anonymous said...

Now that's my kind of festival: Whiskey, men in kilts and yarn. Could it get any better? NO!!!

Liz said...

I am partial to the kilted men. I must admit.

Kellie said...

Kilted men are very cool for sure. Had an awesome time. So glad I went.