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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Well time chez lizzie has been at a stand still for ages. I have been hanging out at the gym, babysitting a cool kid named Jasmin, and puttering away at some long overdue flooring issues. Not really dyeing much yarn/or roving.
So when the Fredericton designer weavers called on Monday asking me to fill in for their cancelled guest this Saturday, panic struck.I said sure, I'll be there thinking I could dye some stuff no problem. Sure Lizzie. Great idea. Super idea.
I need my head read.
Subflooring is nearly finished in the front hall. Laundry is piled higher and deeper, boxes of ceramic tile are functioning very well as tripping devices, and power tools are scatterded everywhere. So why not attempt to dye yarn on top of it all. I can multi task.
This is all well and good and probably even doable, IF YOUR WATER HEATER DOESN"T CHOOSE TO DIE.
Yup there I was, attempting to shower the floor laying grime off before picking the kiddos up at school, when lo and behold, no Hot H2O. I was not impressed. I figuered it was a fuse, so they got replaced, 24 hours later. no go. still icy cold. Time for a new one. And it is friday. yay. what are the chances of getting one in before the weekend?My guess is slim to none. sigh.
Anyhoo, I made a really cute felted purse this week, before the water heater incident, and was felting two more when I had to give up for lack of hot water. If Kate would visit with her fancy camera, I would post a picture.
Yoo -Hoo, Kate... come visit, bring camera. I actually finished something!!!!!!
I give up. probably no dying going on chez Lizzie.


Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I guess when it rains it pours eh? Is it winter in NB yet? It was 80 here yesterday and we had a cold wave so it i s only 50 today. Way weird weather.
Have a drink with Kate and say hey!

Anonymous said...

Hot water heaters are a pain in the ass. The first time we didn't have any hot water, I called the water company to tell them. They informed me that hot water comes from the hot water heater that is located in your house. Oh, I didn't know that! My husband always tells people the story of how I thought hot water was pumped directly from the water company to homes. Twenty-eight years later, he's still telling the story!

So what did you take to the Freddie weaving thing?

Liz said...

what did I take to the weaver thing? A hangover. And leftover summer stock, a few purses and a winning smile. I spent the majority of my very late friday/early saturday morning enjoying my friend Jason's hot tub, and a cold corona. Ignoring the lack of hot water heater.
by 1o am Saturday I was lugging a new one down the basement with the lone plumber who came to bring me warm tubbies. We then discovered that the electricity was not up to code.
swearing insued.
Jackie's darling electrically inclined husband rescued me. so by Sunday I had hot functional water. YAY!!!!
oh. The hangover caused me to reclessly purchase some hand dyed silk hankies from the fleece artist. no clue what I am going to do with them but hey they are mine. I will scan them Later today for all of you to see.

Anonymous said...

You're a sexy lady, Liz.

Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter said...

Dear Anonymous...Since I'm the bestest friend ever, it falls upon me to check out any and all potential suitors of our girl, Liz.

For your convenience, I'm willing to grant you an interview prior to Christmas, so you'll be able to purchase appropriate quantities of the Bling Bling before the 25th.

Please have your personal references in line, including bank references, copies of your last 5 years income tax filings, and all relevant birth certificates, passports, citizenship papers, marriage/divorce decrees at hand. You can call the Fredericton Police Force and ask for Kate and we'll set up an mutually acceptable time frame. There won't be more than 1/2 a dozen of the lads sitting at the next table. We wouldn't want you to feel intimidated. We'll leave intimidation tactics until the first time you stand her up.

Awaiting your prompt response.


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